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 Need a skip bin for your home, business or a construction site?

We make disposing of your industrial waste, green waste or household rubbish easy:


    1. Simply contact us for your next skip bin rental and we will deliver it quickly to your home or site.


    2. You can fill the skip with your solid waste over the duration of the rental period, and then we will come and collect it.


    3. We then take the rubbish to a waste management facility and dispose of it the most environmentally friendly way possible.

    When you choose Skip Bins Gold Coast for your waste removal, you are dealing with an environmentally conscious company that offers eco-friendly waste management solutions.

    You can rest assured that your waste is being disposed of in the most sustainable way possible.

    Skip Bins Gold Coast provides responsible waste removal services in and around Molendinar, including Ashmore, Arundel, Parkwood and Nerang, as well as the broader Gold Coast region, with convenient drop off and pick up at your residential or commercial premises.

    Get in touch with Andrew directly on 0402 044 972 to discuss your rubbish and waste removal needs.


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    Are you ready to take the hassle out of disposing of your waste?

    Skip Bins Gold Coast provides eco-friendly waste management solutions hiring out a large range of skip bin sizes and types at great rental prices.

    We can dispose of any amount of waste, generated by small domestic projects through to large commercial ones.

    Residential Skip Bin Hire

    Green and Residential Skip Bins

    Our residential skips are great for domestic waste removal, including spring clean ups, general waste disposal, garden cleanups, renovation waste removal, furniture disposal, and more.

    These minskips can also be used to dispose of general household rubbish such as whitegoods, cardboard, soil, electrical appliances, paper, plants, vegetation, and more.

    Construction Skip Bin Hire

    Builder and Construction Skip Bins

    We also supply builder skips for property development, general waste, landscape work, dirt, rocks and rubble, home renovations, and building waste.

    We hire out miniskip bins that can be used for items such as concrete, plasterboard, bricks, and other industrial waste.

    Commercial Skip Bin Hire

    Industrial and Commercial Skip Bins

     Our industrial and commercial skips are popular for office hard waste removal, bulk packaging waste management, office furniture disposal etc.

    Don’t hesitate to contact Andrew directly on 0402 044 972 to discuss your commercial rubbish and waste removal needs. 


    Our skip bin size options come in a range of different volume sizes, from a miniskip (3 cubic metres) to our largest walk-in style skip (12 cubic metres).

    If you’re doing a small project, like decluttering your garden shed or having a garage cleanout, a miniskip bin is a perfect choice.

    But if you’re undertaking a large-scale construction or renovation project, our 12 cubic metre skip bin would be more appropriate.

    To help you figure out what size bin you need, have a look at the handy diagram to the right.

    For example, if you have around three-box trailer loads of rubbish to get rid of, you’ll need a three cubic metre bin.

    If you need extra help to decide what size to hire, send Andrew a text message or give him a call on 0402 044 972.

    Alternatively, fill out our online enquiry form and one our of helpful staff will get back to you within 24 hours.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Placement of our bin

    Where there are site access issues, our driver may recommend where the bin should be placed to avoid damage to the property. If the owner decides on a location other than where our driver has recommended, then we do not accept responsibility for any damage that may occur. If you have any questions about the placement of skip bins, please speak to our staff.

    Is it possible to get urgent delivery?

    Yes! We pride ourselves on meeting client expectations and providing urgent deliveries. Our team is ready to spring into action if another supplier has let you down or if you need a bin urgently.

    Can bins be placed on the nature strip or public land?

    A bin can only be placed where council regulations allow. You must enquire with your local council to see if a permit is required before booking. Don’t worry, we can often work out another solution if you’re denied a council permit.

    What if I want a bin placed on the road?

    You’ll need to submit an application via Queensland Police for us to legally place it on any road.

    Can bins be placed on the footpath?

    As long as utility pits or pedestrian access won’t be blocked, then generally, yes. Depending on the council area you live in, you may need a permit before we can place it on the footpath.

    What is the maximum capacity of a bin?

    Waste must be level with or below the top rim of a skip. This is because we can’t safely transport the rubbish to the waste transfer facility, as there is a high risk that the waste will fall out of the bin during transit. Therefore, if our drivers arrive on site and find that the waste is above the top rim, we will need you to unload the overflowing rubbish so it can be transported safely.
    Of course, we are only a phone call away if you need a second bin delivered.

    What waste is not accepted?

    Our bins are meant for certain types of waste. If you don’t follow certain policies, we may be charged an additional fee on arrival at a council tip (which is passed onto the customer) or find yourself in breach of weight restrictions on what a truck can lift and carry. As a general rule, any food or container that has contained chemicals or wet paint are prohibited.

    • Garden waste – for example shrubbery, lawn clippings.
    • Household appliances & Furniture – for example fridges, lounges, washers, dryers.
    • Light building waste – for example dry timber and gyprock.
    • Heavy building materials – for example concrete, asphalt, tiling and bricks.

    Not Allowed:
    • Insulation
    • Asbestos
    • Gas bottles
    • Tree stumps
    • Liquids
    • Oils
    • Food scraps
    • Chemical waste in solid, liquid or powder form (including garden and household chemicals).
    • Containers that have been used to store wet paint or chemicals.

    If you’re unsure if we can remove your waste, our team is happy to help! Call us on 0402 044 972, seven days a week.

    Please work with us regarding adherence to these regulations, as, unfortunately, if these materials are found when our driver arrives then we will not be able to collect the bin until they have been removed.

    What are some examples of heavy materials?

    Heavy materials are made of (or include) these materials or products: asphalt, concreting, brick, pavers or roof/ceramic tiles. Some equipment or larger machinery may exceed the permitted weight.

    What size should I go with?

    The appropriate size depends on what you’re putting in. If you’re a fan of the TV show “The Block” and want to conduct a Kitchen Week or Bathroom Week, a 4 cubic metre bin is the biggest you’ll need. If you’re doing an entire season of The Block, you will need something bigger to dispose of heavy materials.

    You can check with us by sending a text message to Andrew for extra guidance on what will fit and any possible weight restrictions.

    How do I work out which skip is needed for broken concrete?

    What’s tricky is that the required area depends on the shape and size of the debris you need to be gone. If you work out length (metres) x width (metres) x depth (metres) x 2, that gives you the most accurate indication.

    For example: 6m x 3m x 0.1m = 1.8 cubic metres (if the waste was solid) x2 = 3.6 cubic metres of required bin space.

    It’s also important to remember that other factors must be considered, such as lifting and carrying limits, basic safety and road rules. Also, certain procedures must be followed to transport heavy materials safely. If in doubt, contact our team.

    What hire length is available?

    The minimum billable time for a hire that most companies stick to is a week, as this is the industry-standard rental minimum. However, one of the great advantages of choosing us is that you can rent from us for as short as one day. We are also very competitive with our prices, and we love the chance to provide a better price than our competitors. So contact the rest, then call the best.

    Hire is available for between one and seven calendar days. For example, if you chose a seven-day rental period and have the delivery on a Monday, we’d pick it up the following Monday unless you extend the rental period by purchasing extra days.

    Can I extend the initial rental period?

    That’s completely fine, we have many customers who do this. Just call our team on 0402 044 972 and we’ll quote you for the extra time that you need.

    Is in-person payment my only option?

    Not at all. We’re happy to organise credit card payments over the phone when ordering. Alternatively, you can arrange cash or EFTPOS payment or credit cards, (Visa or Mastercard) onsite when we drop off the skip bin. Just call our friendly team on 0402 044 972 and they will be happy to help you.

    For commercial or construction companies, we are happy to establish a trade account for you and provide an invoice (payment terms are 7 days). Payment terms could be negotiated upon completion of a credit application.

    How much notice is required to book?

    It’s best to book 24 hours (at least) in advance. However, we can often provide same-day delivery depending on traffic conditions and/or unforeseen delays and other bookings we have in place.

    What bin sizes are available for rent?

    Note – Actual dimensions of each bin may vary slightly due to using different manufacturers

    If you are unsure which skip bin size or need help with the understanding the different types of skip bins available for rent, please speak to our team.

    Can Asbestos be disposed of?

    Unfortunately, we are not licensed to dispose of asbestos. This is because asbestos is toxic, and only accredited operators can remove it safely.

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