You won’t believe what has been found

Most people use skip bins for disposing of general waste like unwanted household items, used renovation materials, and garden clippings. Every now and then we hear about people throwing out treasures without even realizing it, or, much to our surprise, the trash is a bit more sinister.

Over the years we have heard many stories and in some cases, we have seen such interesting things first-hand. Here are our top five most weird or wonderful items found in skip bins.


Treasure hunter now into skip bins

A man working in a high-end city apartment complex has begun seeking out treasures in skip bins after one day stumbling across a fully-functional and expensive oven in great condition. He couldn’t believe that someone would have thrown out such an item when they could have sold it second-hand for at least a few hundred dollars. Now, treasure hunting through skip bins in his neighborhood is a regular practice for him and it’s not uncommon for him to find everything from designer clothes (that just need a good wash) jewelry in perfect condition as well as handbags and shoes with the tags still on.

Obviously, for your own safety treasure hunting in skip bins is not recommended and is not condoned by local councils (or Skip Bins Gold Coast), but the gentleman has found a good way to earn some extra cash on the side.


Police evidence found in skip bins

Scavenging through skip bins is a regular practice for some homeless people living in the USA. During a recent dive into a skip bin, a man found a bag labeled as police evidence. The contents of the bag were a mobile phone, over one hundred grams of marijuana, and some drug utensils. The man, who obviously wished to remain anonymous, placed the evidence bag at the front door of a local police station and attached a note saying “I think you are missing this”. The police never found out who the delivery came from, but they were very happy to have it returned.

Missing police evidence thrown out by accident might be surprising to some people, but it is understood that police have in fact found much worse things in residential and commercial skip bins, including weapons, drugs, and stolen goods, including horrific things like body parts.


A miracle baby

The escalation of depression and modern-day financial pressures are suspected to be having a tragic impact on society. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for babies to be placed in skip bins or abandoned in other places. Often these stories can end in tragedy, but for at least one child, his story of being abandoned had a happy ending.

In 2012, a baby was abandoned in a skip bin and shortly after was discovered by a passer-by when the child was heard crying. He immediately raced the child to the nearest hospital and informed the authorities regarding what he had found.

Luckily the baby was found to be in perfect health. The most joyful part of this story is that the man who discovered the little boy ended up adopting the child, and now the boy lives happily with this good Samaritan and his wife.



It is a sad fact that people are not only abandoning babies in skip bins but also helpless animals can suffer a similar fate. Yes, it is terrible to even imagine a defenseless animal trapped and scared in a deep waste bin but it happens more often than you would think. While a wild possum or stray cat can find itself unexpectedly trapped in a skip bin, a passer-by in Toowoomba, Queensland while down a street heard the whimpers of not one, but seven puppies trapped in a skip bin.

The kind-hearted gentleman immediately took all of the puppies to a local veterinarian surgery called Herriot House. The staff looked after the puppies until new homes could be found for them. The last reports were that all puppies were safe and well and loving their new homes. At Skip Bins Gold Coast, we adore animals, and Andrew is lucky enough to meet lots of treasured furry family members when he is out delivering bins!


WWII artifact found

A man who was employed at a recycling plant reported stumbling across an old World War Two artifact known as an Enigma machine. This rare WWII machine was used as an encryption device by the Nazis it sends encrypted messages and when found was valued at US $10,000. Now that’s a nice find when someone else thought that it was junk.
What is the weirdest item that you have found in the trash?


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